The Vital Parts of a Doctor’s Note

In order to understand how to make effective fake doctors notes, you must know the aspects that every official doctor’s note must have. Keep in mind that some doctors scribble doctors excuses out on prescription pads while other use official doctors notes. Both styles are appropriate, and the information listed below will be consistent for both. My question isn’t answered here.  Go to

1. Doctor Information
doctor excuse

Every doctors note will have the doctor’s name and all appropriate licenses listed at the top of the form in bold print. Additionally, it may list the doctor’s office, including an address and phone number. If the doctor is in a complex or partnership, it may list that as well, and may even list multiple doctors.

2. Patient Name

The patient’s name will be at the top section of the form. Usually, there is a blank line where the patient name is written or typed. Some offices will print out a doctor’s excuse, in which case, the patient name is printed. For a fake doctors note, it is generally best to use handwriting where possible.

3. Date
Near the patient name will be a blank line for the date of the visit. A doctors excuse must be dated. In the United States, the date is generally listed in the month/day or month/day/year format. The date should be in the same handwriting used to sign the doctor’s signature.

4. Patient Address

There will be a blank line for the patient’s street address. This line is optional for a note, and is generally in place for a prescription or similar purpose. If this line exists on an excuse note, it is best to fill it out.

5. City, State and Zip

This is an extension of the patient’s address section. Generally, this is only filled out for prescription purposes. Feel free to leave it blank. If you filled in the address section and it looks odd blank, then fill it in.

6. Gender

The gender section will be a blank line or a two checkboxes. This section is optional. If you do fill it out, make sure that it is done correctly. A mistake here is a dead giveaway.

7. Message

The message area is the most important part of the note. It informs the employer or school of the ailment. This can be filled out in handwriting other than the signature since the receptionist or nurse often starts the form for the doctor.

8. Signature

The signature is the second most important part of the form. Have it match the date, and don’t go overboard trying to create doctors’ scrawl. That is a stereotype, and it may be wise to deviate from it.

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Life Brings You Surprises: When and Why to Use a Blank Doctor’s Excuse Note

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Life is unpredictable. It often brings surprises, and often, those surprises are not particularly fair. Under optimal circumstances, most of us would never even consider using a fake doctors note. Unfortunately, situations are not always optimal, and we do what we have to do to get by. With that in mind, we present six common scenarios where you might consider using fake doctors notes.

1. You Can’t Afford the Doctor’s Visit

The likeliest reason to use a false doctor’s note is that you’re obligated to provide one and simply can’t afford it. Replica doctors notes cost nothing or pennies, and the cost of an actual doctor visit is prohibitive for the average person, even with proper insurance.

2. Work Unfairly Requires a Return to Work Notice

Many employers will require a return to work notice before allowing you to resume your job. This interferes with your ability to earn a living, and it might prevent you from collecting sick pay. If you feel the request is unfair, a fake doctor’s excuse may be the only alternative.

3. School Demands an Excuse for that Day Off

Due to the way financial aid works, many schools have started demanding official doctors excuses for days off. For many parents, this is simply an unfair burden, especially when the child just had a 24-hour bug, so a false doctors excuse is a means of avoiding that expense.

4. You Can’t Pass that Drug Test

Many people smoke marijuana, but not all are fortunate enough to live in a state where it is legalized. Sometimes opportunities are surprises, so we can’t always prepare for our drug test. A doctors note gives you an official excuse for failure of that test, such as a prescription drug.

5. You Don’t Want to Take that Physical

Consider a scenario where you don’t want to take a physical. Perhaps you don’t feel they have the right, or that it’s any of their business. A note can provide indication that you recently had a physical.

6. Earn a Privilege

A fake not could actually earn you a privilege you wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. For instance, anyone who has attended college can attest to how much of a bear scheduling for classes can be. A note could inform the school that you need to be at the hospital for treatment those days, in which case the school might allow you to schedule your classes in advance.

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